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Tip Jar: 3 Common Features of Top 100 Hits

Tip Jar: 3 Common Features of Top 100 Hits

Tip Jar: 3 Common Features of Top 100 Hits 620 348 Crē•8 Music Academy


Every song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is there for a reason. Regardless of genre, these songs share particular features that help them communicate to millions of listeners.

After 10 years as an engineer and producer at Westlake Recording Studios, I’ve worked on hundreds of tracks designed to break that chart. Michael Jackson’s record-setting album Thriller was recorded at Westlake, and we continue to work with chart-topping music from The Weeknd, Rihanna, One Direction, Adele and many others.

I’ve discovered there are often distinguishing factors that make hit songs more streamed, downloaded and consumed than their competition. If you apply what often works in hits songs to your music (within your own personal style and voice), it becomes more positioned to connect with a much greater audience.



Doug Fenske is a GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum engineer, producer and mixer for artists such as Frank Ocean, Ryan Tedder and LL Cool J. He also serves as Director of Education for Crē•8 Music Academy, which provides four music production courses through a unique partnership with Westlake Recording Studios (Rihanna, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Adele).

Larry Katz has been a senior executive, attorney, consultant and trusted advisor in the Entertainment Industry for more than twenty-five years, and currently runs his own legal and consulting practices known as “Lawrence H. Katz, P.C. – Attorneys At Law”, based in New York City, and “Katz Consulting Group, Inc.”, based in Los Angeles.

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