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Stimulate your creativity

Stimulate your creativity. Create intriguing sounds and sonic textures. Design cutting-edge synthesizer patches and software instruments. Learn to give your songs kinetic energy using advanced vocal production, post-vocal production, orchestration and remixing techniques. Incorporate powerful digital tools and techniques used in current mainstream music. Gain important knowledge of sampling and mash-up copyright laws.


  • Preparation Techniques
  • Performance Techniques
  • Engineering Techniques
  • Background vocal arrangement
  • Eight characteristics of a professional vocal performance
  • Vocal harmony composition and structure
  • Tools and tips used by professionals
  • Tune vocals with Melodyne and Auto-Tune
  • Remove, add or adjust instrumentation to complement a finished vocal track
  • Create a vocal comp
  • Align background vocals using Vocalign
  • Create a vocal template in Pro Tools
  • Musical Subdivision
  • Shuffling parts of an arrangement
  • Synthesis theory
  • Serum
  • Omnisphere 2
  • Sylenth
  • Kontakt 5
  • Trilian
  • Battery 4
  • FM8
  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Cinesamples
  • EXS24
  • ES 1
  • ES 2
  • Retro Synth
  • Build a sampler instrument
  • Sound manipulation and customization
  • Identify professional sounds and samples
  • Select appropriate instrumentation for various musical genres
  • Core functions of Logic and third party software synthesizers
  • History and origins of the remix
  • Modern remixes
  • Types of remixes
  • Remix destination, design and tips
  • Remix song selection
  • Obtain source material for a remix
  • Types of mashups
  • Sampling history
  • Sample manipulation
  • Remix contracts
  • Song rights and ownership
  • Streaming/distribution trends
  • Copyright obstacles for sampling and mashups

Start Dates

PART TIME COURSE Tuesday and Thursday 7-10pm
(3 weeks)

2020 Cohort Dates Coming Soon


FULL TIME COURSE Monday through Friday 3-6pm
(1.5 weeks)

2020 Cohort Dates Coming Soon




Full Time: 1.5 weeks

Part Time: 3 weeks

15 Classroom Hours

Full Access to On-Campus Studio & Lab

$ 1,500

Those wishing to focus on specific skills may enroll for individual courses. There are no prerequisites. However, enrolling for a particular course may require a diagnostic to assess an applicant’s background in related areas of music production.

All Four Courses

Full Time: 5 weeks

Part Time: 10 weeks

60 Classroom Hours

Full Access to On-Campus Studio & Lab

$ 5,200

Crē•8 Music Academy’s four courses provide a full scope of all the essential, professional production techniques used in music for commerce.

Normally priced at $6,000, enroll in four courses within a 12-month period and receive an $800 tuition discount! Four-course tuition must be paid in full. Please visit our FAQ’s or Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Alumni Spotlight

Ryan Caragio

Licensed and synced a song for an Adidas shoe release with James Harden, co-produced Chris Brown’s “The 80’s”. Self released “Body Language” single is seeing success on Spotify.

Learn more about the accomplishments of our talented alumni. #Cre8Fam