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Our curriculum is based on 40 years of industry experience.

Crē•8 Music Academy offers four expansive individual music production courses through a unique partnership with Westlake Recording Studios (Rihanna, The Weeknd, Adele, Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons). These courses provide the essential aspects of music production used daily by industry professionals. Each course includes 15 hours of in-depth classroom instruction, hands-on projects, access to the academy’s recording studio, new production workstations and various written materials.



  • Commercial composition and arrangement
  • Creative DAW operation
  • Professional vocal production
  • Synthesizers and sound selection
  • Mixing and Mastering



Full Time: 1.5 weeks

Part Time: 3 weeks

15 Classroom Hours

Unlimited Studio & Lab Hours

$ 1,500

Those wishing to focus on specific skills may enroll for individual courses. There are no prerequisites. However, enrolling for a particular course may require a diagnostic to assess an applicant’s background in related areas of music production.

All Four Courses

Full Time: 5 weeks

Part Time: 10 weeks

60 Classroom Hours

Unlimited Studio & Lab Hours

$ 5,200

Crē•8 Music Academy’s four courses provide a full scope of all the essential, professional production techniques used in music for commerce.

Normally priced at $6,000, enroll in four courses within a 12-month period and receive an $800 tuition discount! Four-course tuition must be paid in full. Please visit our FAQ’s or Terms and Conditions for more information.


Westlake Recording Studios has been home to the most popular, successful recording artists, producers and engineers for over four decades. From its inception, Westlake was built with an extraordinary attention to detail. Deep, elaborate command became enticing to those who seek superior control over their recordings. Those details remain desirable to modern-day professionals and allows Westlake to continue providing an exceptional record production experience.


Alumni Spotlight

Flaviya K.

Production, songwriting and singing credits on original song “So Hard to Say”. Peaked at #1 on the Indie Chart, NewShine FM radio, 2017. Songwriting and singing credits on original song “Because I’m a Doll” that was placed in a competition.

Learn more about the accomplishments of our talented alumni. #Cre8Fam

Flaviya K.