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Initiate Your Journey

Initiate your journey. Understand, construct and compose songs for maximum impact in the current market. Establish a solid foundation in music theory, hit song arrangement and track composition. Build and arrange songs aimed at the Billboard Hot 100. Learn Logic Pro X, the industry standard composition DAW, to capture musical ideas quickly and professionally.


  • Producer profiles and job description
  • Production timeline
  • File naming convention
  • Production quality ear training
  • Identify the key of a song
  • Major and minor scales & chords
  • Building chords from triads
  • Inversions
  • Relative minor chords
  • Rhythms
  • Familiarity with musical qualities of successful songs
  • Common pop chord progressions & musical sentences
  • Songwriting ear training
  • Active listening
  • Musical qualities of each part of an arrangement
  • Familiarity with arrangement and musical qualities of modern, successful songs
  • Cohesive chord and melody composition in each part of an arrangement
  • Introduce repeating musical themes and variations at appropriate times
  • Common pop chord progressions & musical sentences
  • Live demonstration of melodic and rhythmic composition
  • 14 potential parts of a song
  • Windows, Views & Navigation
  • Tracks, Key Features & Operation
  • Types of Audio & DAW Files
  • Track Management
  • Displays and Indicators
  • Recording MIDI
  • MIDI Editing & Piano Roll
  • Session Layout & Organization
  • Apple Loops
  • Quantize
  • Transpose
  • Bouncing
  • Use Logic for practical application of music theory and arrangement to create complete musical thoughts throughout the arrangement of a song

Start Dates

PART TIME COURSE Tuesday and Thursday 7-10pm
(3 weeks)

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FULL TIME COURSE Monday through Friday 3-6pm
(1.5 weeks)

2020 Cohort Dates Coming Soon




Full Time: 1.5 weeks

Part Time: 3 weeks

15 Classroom Hours

Full Access to On-Campus Studio & Lab

$ 1,500

Those wishing to focus on specific skills may enroll for individual courses. There are no prerequisites. However, enrolling for a particular course may require a diagnostic to assess an applicant’s background in related areas of music production.

All Four Courses

Full Time: 5 weeks

Part Time: 10 weeks

60 Classroom Hours

Full Access to On-Campus Studio & Lab

$ 5,200

Crē•8 Music Academy’s four courses provide a full scope of all the essential, professional production techniques used in music for commerce.

Normally priced at $6,000, enroll in four courses within a 12-month period and receive an $800 tuition discount! Four-course tuition must be paid in full. Please visit our FAQ’s or Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Alumni Spotlight

Josh Bernstein

Featured remixes on Sony and Warner for Enrique Iglesias, R. City, Serayah, Shaggy and Samantha J.

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