Stimulate your creativity

Create intriguing sounds and sonic textures. Design cutting-edge synthesizer patches and software instruments. Learn to give your songs kinetic energy using advanced vocal production, post vocal production, orchestration and remixing techniques. Gain important knowledge of sampling and mash-up copyright laws.

·       Building a sampler instrument
·       Understanding of oscillators and synthesizer parameters
·       Sound manipulation and customization
·       Selecting appropriate instrumentation for various musical genres
·       Identifying professional sounds and samples
·       History and origins of the remix
·       Modern remixes
·       Types of remixes
·       Remix destination, design and tips
·       Remix song selection
·       Where to obtain remix source material (acapellas and multi-track instrumentation)
·       Types of mash ups
·       Sampling history
·       Manipulating an existing song in Pro Tools to create a sample arrangement
·       Remix contracts
·       Song rights and ownership
·       Copyright obstacles for sampling and mash ups
·       Streaming/distribution trends

·       Eight characteristics of a professional vocal performance
·       Vocalist Preparation Techniques
·       Vocal Performance Techniques
·       Vocal Engineering Techniques
·       Vocal Tools and tips used by professionals
·       Creating a vocal template in Pro Tools
·       Creating a vocal comp
·       Proper background vocal arrangement in various parts of a song
·       Vocal harmony writing and creation
·       Remove, change, add or alter instrumentation to compliment a finished vocal track
·       Enhance various parts of the arrangement of a song by featuring different vocal and instrumental themes
·       Musical Subdivision
·       Tuning vocals using Melodyne and Auto-Tune
·       Align background vocals using Vocalign
·       Working knowledge of Logic and Native Instruments software instruments
·       Common synthesized instrumentation
·       Synthesizer terminology and vocabulary