Better Production = Better Income

Here within the walls of Westlake Studios, our clients (The Chainsmokers, Rihanna, Zedd, Jay Z, Adele and many others) know how competitive the music industry has become. We live in the most ambitious arena of them all -- where top songwriters, producers, artists and mixers compete for dominance on the Billboard Hot 100 and at the GRAMMY’S. The common thread between all of these music professionals is their understanding that production value determines how much they earn from their work.

Crē•8 Music Academy, presented through a unique partnership with Westlake Studios, offers 2-3 week courses that teach the exact production skills that drive successful mainstream music.

If you desire to learn the tools, techniques and workflow behind massive commercial hits to make your productions more competitive and profitable, complete the form below.

PMC ticket holders get a
15% tuition reduction
through September 16, 2017

 The quantity and quality of what I learned here is amazing.  It’s like getting a “scientific approach” to frequencies, timbers and rhythms that lets you bend, add or subtract them to your taste, follow your personal preferences and focus on music as it is supposed to be: a universal language. - Sébastian Haby


Crē•8 Music Academy courses cover four specific areas of production:

Build and arrange songs aimed at the Billboard Hot 100



Configure your studio for maximum profitability and professional results



Incorporate powerful digital tools and techniques used in current mainstream music



Deliver professionally mixed and mastered music



To receive a FREE professional production assessment of your music by the Crē•8 Music Academy team, and to see which of our courses could help you the most, complete the form below.


For many music creators, production can seem daunting.  Among many considerations are:

• The quality of gear (microphones, preamps, interface)

• The ability to use gear (mic setup and selection, signal flow, gain staging etc.)

• Acoustic treatment in the recording environment

• Proper application of time-based (reverb, delay, etc.) and dynamic effects (compression, limiting, etc.)

• The mixing and mastering process

• The quality and cohesiveness of your samples, sound libraries and plugins

Skills in every part of the production process will enhance the results of your music. Which area should you focus on first?

Crē•8 Music Academy can review your music and provide FREE feedback on which area of production would make the biggest impact on your music.  For a production assessment and evaluation of which Crē•8 Music Academy courses may improve your production value the most, complete the form below.

So that we may best guide you in exploring our production courses, please provide the following information and a Crē•8 Music Academy representative will contact you on course suggestions and availability.

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PMC ticket holders who enroll in Crē•8 Music Academy receive a 15% tuition reduction through September 16, 2017