Liberate your music

Mix and master your songs to meet professional standards. Use advanced digital signal processing and FX to deliver the very best version of your music. Learn analog signal flow and mixing techniques behind a classic Westlake Recording Studios console.

·       Working knowledge of dynamic and time-based effects
·       Proper bussing and configuration
·       Project Portability
·       Session preparation
·       Identifying key elements of a song before beginning a mix
·       Building the foundation of a mix
·       Adding auxiliary sounds & vocals to a mix
·       Familiarity with mixing theory
·       Managing digital resources (RAM, Processing and DSP)
·       DAW Order of Processing
·       Loudness
·       Stereo bus metering
·       Automation
·       Monitoring Techniques
·       Alternate Mixes
·       Mastering definition and processes
·       Qualities of a professionally mastered song
·       Critical listening practices
·       Metering

·       Image and Frequency Response
·       Analog Order of processing
·       What mastering can and can not achieve
·       Multi-band compression and limiting
·       Loudness
·       ISRC Encoding
·       Metadata
·       Dither
·       Mastering Order of Processing
·       Gain Staging
·       Input & Output Signal Paths
·       Analog Mixing - Basic patch bay orientation
·       Analog Mixing -  Use of inserts for dynamic effects
·       Analog Mixing -  Use of post-fader auxes for time-based effects
·       Analog summing
·       Analog Mixing -  Printing a mix
·       Analog Mixing -  Alternate Mixes
·       Analog Mixing - Stems and Recalls