Understand, construct and compose songs for maximum impact in the current market. Establish a solid foundation in music theory, hit song arrangement and track composition. Learn Logic X, the industry standard composition DAW, to capture musical ideas quickly and professionally.

·       Familiarity with arrangement of successful songs
·       Writing cohesive chords and melody in each part of a song
·       Using Logic for practical application of music theory and arrangement to create a complete musical thoughts throughout the arrangement of a song
·       Introduce repeating musical themes and variations at appropriate times
·       Common pop chord progressions & musical sentences
·       How to create chord progressions
·       How to create a melody
·       Logic - Windows, Views & Navigation
·       Logic - Tracks, Key Features & Operation
·       Logic - Types of Audio & DAW Files
·       Logic - Recording MIDI
·       Logic -   MIDI Editing & Piano Roll
·       Logic - Session Layout & Organization
·       Logic - Apple Loops
·       Logic - Quantize
·       Logic -  Transpose

·       Familiarize students with instructor and Westlake
·       Use of the facility
·       Booking procedure
·       Producer profiles and job description
·       What it takes to become a successful record producer
·       How computers are used in record production
·       Production timeline
·       Naming convention
·       Course preview
·       Identify the key of a song
·       Major and minor scales & chords
·       Rhythms
·       Familiarity with musical qualities of successful songs
·       Inversions
·       Building chords from triads
·       Identify 14 possible parts of a song
·       How to create different parts of a song
·       Musical qualities of each piece of an arrangement
·       Shuffling parts of a song